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Dentist in Key West

CEREC Crowns in Key West

If given the choice, most of us would rather spend less time at the dentist’s office than more. When you need tooth restoration from dental decay, cracked fillings, root canals, or trauma and there is not enough tooth structure remaining for a simple filling, CEREC dental crowns offer a high quality and rapid  treatment solution. So what is CEREC, you ask? Its’ name—an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics—only hints at its’ true nature; the key word here being Chairside. Unlike other crowns, CEREC crowns simplify and minimize procedure time and treatment with the assistance of the most leading edge computer aided design and manufacturing technology in the field. And if you’re searching for an excellent dentist in Key West who offers CEREC crowns, check out the impressive results that are being achieved at Old Town Dental.


Dentist in Key West

Using a digital photo to construct a three-dimensional model of your mouth, your CEREC crown is fully customized to fit your tooth exactly in size, shade and shape. And living up to its’ name, your CEREC crown is milled right there in the office, completely cutting out the wait for fabrication and shipping from a dental lab! That means that CEREC crowns can be made and fitted in just a single visit. How’s that for economical? And it’s not only fast; CEREC crowns are durable and lifelike in appearance, made from the highest grade dental ceramics. Your highly skilled dentist in Key West at Old Town Dental specializes in restorative and cosmetic care, offering CEREC single day crowns and more.

For patients who don’t like to wait, opt for the royal treatment, with CEREC single day crowns from Old Town Dental. Providing the utmost in quality care, your dentist in Key West will have you smiling with their results in no time. Contact their office today, and don’t forget to take a look at their website’s  impressive “Smile Gallery” section, to see what they can do for your smile.


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